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Institute of Alternative Medicines & Research

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Institute of Alternative Medicines & Research

Institute of Alternative Medicines & Research

Institute of Alternative Medicines & Research




Admissions / Payments
The candidate can readily get Admission /Registration Forms and information on courses from the Institute's Office on normal working days.

He / she can also procure relevant Study Material, Certificates or any other documents during their visit to the office in order to get their work done instantly and also have a first- hand feel of the Institute.

The office of the Institute is on the city's main thoroughfare and is easily accessible. On arriving at Kolkata at the Howrah or Sealdah railway stations, the candidate should board a bus or a taxi and head for Diamond Harbour Road, Thakurpukur. Our office is situated very near the Thakurpukur 3A, Bus Stand, and Opposite to the famous Swadesh Basu Hospital.

All remittances (fees, donations etc.) should be sent by Paypal/ Credit Card/ Debit Card/ Western Union/ Bank Wire Transfer/ International Money Order/ Bank Demand Draft payable to the 'Institute of Alternative Medicines and Research.' 8A Diamond Harbour Road, South End Trade Centre (2nd Floor), Thakurpukur, Kolkata-700 063 (The Bank Draft Should be in favour of the Institute of Alternative Medicines and Research, Payable at Kolkata).

Please write your name, address, name of the course and the language in which lessons are desired on the M.O. coupon in a legible and neat manner.

Always enclose a self-addressed stamped reply post card or envelope for further information.

The Office remains open from 10.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. from Monday to Friday and Saturdays from 10.00 a.m. to 3.00 p.m. The office is closed on Sundays and all other Gazetted holidays.

The Institute has a well-equipped library containing an exhaustive collection of periodicals, journals and reference books on Alternative Medicine.

Students are encouraged to send their queries to the Email/Postal addresses/telephone numbers mentioned in the prospectus and website.

The office premises of the Institute makes use of ultra-modern hi-tech machinery, gadgets and technology like Faxes, Computers, Printers, Internet, etc. to be in constant touch with its alumni all around the globe.

Health Clinics & Mobile Dispensaries
The Institute has its own set of clinics attached to it, some of which are mobile units. . They are equipped with state- of- the -art medical equipment and provide ultra-modern facilities including the supply of all kinds of medicines.

The clinics are run by a team of dedicated and experienced doctors who provide the best possible treatment for various ailments through holistic and natural healing techniques. The centers are extremely popular and are frequented by patients from far and wide. The cost of treatment is also low in these clinics, making it affordable for the poorer sections of society

Boarding and lodging is arranged for overseas and outstation students by the university at conveniently located hostels / guest houses equipped with modem facilities and amenities to ensure a comfortable and pleasant stay for the students. The Board has recently acquired a large plot of land for the construction of a building(s) and a sprawling campus of The Open International University for Alternative Medicines. The campus will include accommodation facilities.

Facility for Rejunivation Through Holistic way
Along with the opportunity of qualifying as healers by imparting the invaluable knowledge of Alternative Medicines, the IAMR unveils unto you life's rarest experience - wellness, in a natural way. The IAMR assists exhausted souls to rejuvinate their toxic body tissues with natural therapies at the "NC&YRI"-the largest Nature Cure Institute in Eastern, Central, & Northern India. This Institute successfully aims at scientifically treating ailments through Drugless system of Nature Cure treatment. Here "Disease" is looked uponas the accumulation of toxins within our bodies, the purgation of which leads to well being. Nature Cure basis itself on the principle that human body is capable of healing itself with the effective use of the five most powerful elements of Nature-Earth, Water, Sun, Air & Ether. At our "NC&YRI" patients are examined by highly qualified physicians who determine their ailments and accordingly chart out their diets and treatment which eventually leads to their well being.

Treatment : Bath & Massages
The Institute ensures maximum cure from all forms of Nature Cure Treatment like Hydrotherapy, Mud Therapy, Osteopathy, Chromo therapy, Physiotherapy & Magneto therapy. It also provides its patients with the benefit of Steam, Jet, Sauna, Hip & Spinal Baths, Mud Packs, Enema & other required treatments which have proved their efficacy in Nature Cure Therapy with many years of application throughout the world. Besides these various forms of natural treatment our physicians enhances their curative measures by laying special importance on te healing powers of yoga. Experienced persons guide the patients in Yogic Kriya. Asanas & Pranayamas to ensure perfection in performance for full benefit. Meditatation is also incorporated within the schedule for deep influence on their bodies & mind. Along with treatment our Institute gives special eye to the diet of the individual patient. The Diet Department serves exclusively prepared vegetarian food cooked in modern hygienic kitchen. Organically grown cereals, friuts & vegetables supplemented with nuts and milk provides the wholesomeness & nutrition required to recoup the body's lost health and fortify it against diseases. Since food is a vital part of the treatment and is curiously proportioned by the physician to meet the needs of the individual patients, so no outside food is allowed during this interim.

Enviornment being important for ones well being the Institute has been designed with charming gardens, spacious and equipped with modern amenities for a comfortable and happy stay. For more details contact : "INSTITUTE OF ALTERNATIVE MEDICINES & RESEARCH" 8A Diamond Harbour Road, South End Trade Centre (2nd Floor), Thakurpukur, Kolkata - 700 063

For more details contact : "INSTITUTE OF ALTERNATIVE MEDICINES & RESEARCH", 8-A Diamond Harbour Road, South End Trade Centre (2nd Floor), Thakurpukur, Kolkata - 700 063

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